Why There Should Be Prayer in Public School

submitted by: Ricky Wilson -
2011 SCS Blog Contest – Honorable Mention WINNER

Ever since the beginning of the country prayer, God, and the Bible were in public schools because it was vital to the country. But in 1962 there was controversy on the subject of why there is prayer in public schools. Some people wanted it in schools, some people didn’t. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ended up taking prayer out of public schools. After that, nobody could pray, read the bible, or learn about God anymore. John Adams warned use never to take prayer out of public schools because schools are the basis of a society.

It was the founding fathers intent to have the Bible in school, but the Supreme Court misinterpreted the first amendment (“congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the practice thereof”). What this meant to the founding fathers was congress could not make a law saying that everyone had to be any one religious denomination. This was to protect religion from congress, it never meant that the Bible should be out of public places, certainly not out of schools.

What the Supreme Court did was wrong and unconstitutional. The reason we need the Bible is it teaches right from wrong. Values, morality, and virtue dropped after they stopped teaching the Bible. If you look at how things were and how they are now, you’ll see they were different. Since 1962, the number of teen pregnancies has gone up 400%, divorce rates have gone up 120%, suicides have gone up 253%, and violent crimes have gone up 660%. It’s not just morality, learning has dropped as well. We were 2nd in math, now we’re 24th. 26 million adults can’t read at all. We have to have gates to keep the kids in at the schools.

In conclusion, taking prayer out of schools was a huge mistake that negatively affected the country. If you’re still wondering whether we should put prayer back in public schools or not, just read this quote by Thomas Jefferson. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…It expects what never was and never will be”.

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Also of interest – updated by editor
Student suspended for in-school prayer called “disruptive,” protests follow

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) – A teenage girl standing up to pray at a Louisville middle school has been suspended.

Her principal calls it a disruptive and potentially dangerous. The girl was a member of the Salvation Army Corps Cadets. She says she arrived back from a weekend retreat in which she was told to stand up in school and proclaim her faith. The student did so in the cafeteria Monday, and now is under a two day suspension.
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